Cyber Security for Business

Taking the Worry out of your online security
People| Processes| Technology
Online Security

Local Cyber Security for Business

"The role of human error in cyber threats is 95%"

How to address the problem – People, Processes, Technology – ALL Are Required!


1. People

a. Educate / Train – Cyber Security should be a mindset for everyone!
b. Practice – Do as I do, not as I say…

2. Processes

a. Background Checks / New Employee Processes
b. Data Security / Passwords / Access Control Strong passwords, physically lock down equipment
c. Network Policies
d. Wireless Policies
e. Mobile Device Policies
f. Remote Access Policies
g. Social Media Policies
h. Contingency Plans

3. Technology

a. Firewall
b. Antivirus / Anti-malware
c. Software Updates (including OS)
d. Encryption
e. Backups
f. Monitoring

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