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Do you run an Auto Repair business and are responsible for keeping your customers’ cars on the road? Do you own a Machine Shop and spend your days trying to meet the deadlines of your customers? Are you an Accountant, juggling the finances of your customers who depend on you? Are you a _______…fill in the blank! We all have jobs to do and with those jobs come responsibilities… Responsibilities that impact the lives of many around us, from our customers, to our employees, to our bosses, and more!

That being said, do you have time to make sure your Firewall is up-to-date? Have you checked to verify that your wireless network is secure? Do all of your connected devices have current end-point protection on them? Is it part of your daily schedule to verify that your data backups are working correctly? If you answered NO to any of the previous questions, perhaps we can help!

Technology is our job and keeping our customers and their data safe is our responsibility! We specialize in being the Technology Partner for Home / Small / Medium sized businesses. Cyber-Security, Wired and Wireless Networking, Computer Issues, Printer Problems, Server Administration, etc… We are available for you, so that you can do YOUR job!

Check back weekly for updates and tips that may be helpful to you and your business! Feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Brice Widener
Technical Services Manager
Cirrinity – Technology and Internet
(715) 623-0558 or (715) 216-0297