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Is Your Business Ready to Work Remotely?

The current state of our country (and even world) is a glaring reminder of how our businesses need to be ready for anything! Is your business ready to have your mission-critical employees work remotely?

Your business is our business, so let’s be successful together…even during a pandemic!

To help start the conversation, please consider the topics below. If you would like one of Cirrinity’s technicians to follow up with you regarding any questions or needs, please indicate that below as well.

Are You Remote Ready?

Are company-provided computers available for all critical employees? (It is not recommended that employees use personal devices to access company data / resources)*

Do your critical employees have a high-speed internet connection to support remote work? (High-speed, low-latency connections are best!)*

Specific education / training for effective Remote Work is available for our employees.

Our company has a Remote Work Policy to govern the regulations and processes around security and data management.

Does our corporate site have enough bandwidth for the increased traffic of Remote Workers?

The corporate internal network is capable of handling the increased load of Remote Workers.

Our IT Architecture is ready to handle a disaster, fail, or re-location in a timely way.

Our user security is elevated enough to allow Remote Workers and the potential security incidents.

Network security is configured to address the increased risk of Remote Users.

We have a Business Continuity Plan in place and our people know the process.

I would like Cirrinity to follow up with me regarding our current IT status and potential needs, especially in the area of Remote Work and Security.

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