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Workstation Care

Cirrinity’s Proactive Workstation Care
A Cirrinity Technician will install software agents on your desktop / notebook PC’s to provision the following important security measures:

1. Monitoring & Reporting. As the caretaker of your technology, we will be notified of the following issues as they occur so a plan of action can be put into place and the problem addressed:
a. Hard Drive / Storage Issues
b. Application Crashes / Blue Screens
c. Status of Antivirus Protection
d. Status of the Firewall
e. Device Manager Issues

2. Antivirus / AntiMalware. With the aggressive attacks via web pages or phishing attacks, up-to-date protection is extremely important!

3. Automate Window Updates. We will make sure that all of the security updates are installed in a timely manner to protect your computer and network.

4. Updating of Major Application. Adobe Flash and Reader, MS Office, Dropbox, Evernote, Chrome, Malwarebytes, iTunes, Etc. Security update are coming out constantly. We will automate the implementation of these updates!
5. Remote Assistance Software. If problems are discovered, 4 out of 5 times, we are
able to remotely diagnose and resolve the issue.

Server Care

Cirrinity Server Care
In an effort to provide our customers with the best up-time and the best customer service, we are offering Cirrinity Server Care. This PROACTIVE managed service includes the following:

1. Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware (if appropriate)
a. Configured for the best performance on your server.
b. Configured for the best performance of your server and applications.
c. Automatic removal of violators.
d. Automatic notification of the Cirrinity Server Team for follow-up.

2. Remote Monitoring – the Server Team receives an alert at the customer-specific threshold. Diagnosis and resolution can proceed quickly!
a. Online State
b. Disk Health
c. Disk Space
d. Memory Usage
e. CPU Usage
f. Process Monitoring
g. Windows Services
h. Event Logs
i. Windows Updates
j. Antivirus Software
k. Firewall

3. Hands-On Checkup – Once a month our tech will remote in to your server and audit the logs, verify Windows Updates are current, reboot (if appropriate), and check for any irregularities.

4. Off-Site and Local Backup (if desired) – A backup of designated files and folders is securely pushed to the cloud on a predetermined schedule. A local backup, if desired, is created simultaneously to aid with quick restores, if necessary. The backup is tested weekly to verify effectiveness. A system-state backup will be performed once a week for disaster-recovery purposes. SQL and Exchange can also be backed up.

5. Remote Access via Secure Software . If an issue is detected, appropriate people with be notified and the Cirrinity Server Team will quickly access the impacted system and determine the next step. Quick Response reduces down time.

Network Care

Cirrinity Proactive Network Care
To ensure optimal up-time and security, a Cirrinity Technician will perform the following:

1. Check for the latest firmware or OS updates and install when applicable. Security update are constantly being made to network security devices, as the threats are always changing. It is critical that your router / security appliance be kept up to date with firmware and / or operating system updates.

2. Review security logs for threats / issues. Alerts will be configured to email our support team. These will be investigated and escalated (if necessary) ASAP! Logging will be turned on and logs will be scanned for both internal and external threats / anomalies. Issues will be assessed and reported with a proposed remediation.

3. Review firewall status / open ports. Update if necessary. With new hardware / software being installed and removed regularly, firewall needs change. These changes will be reviewed to see if ports can be closed that were previously opened.

4. Review network documentation and bring it up-to-date. Verify that the network configurations match the documentation.

5. Maintain a monthly backup of the configuration of network devices. If a critical network device goes down, the ability to bring it back online quickly is important. We will backup and store the configurations so that any unforeseen downtime is minimal.


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