Bad Rabbit malware – Please be aware!

Check out the latest ransomeware that is making the rounds…

This is still developing…contact us for more info!

Want to go faster???

Another season of upgrades…  We are currently doing some testing with some new technology that will (hopefully) allow us to deliver bigger and better speeds to many of our customers.

Give us a call or stop by the office to see what is available in your area!

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Phishing continues to work…

Let’s get smarter and keep it from happening to us.  Here is an article with some of the latest statistics and tactics as well as some advice on how to avoid falling for these traps…  Please read it so that you at least have exposure as to what to keep an eye out for.



What to do after…

Ran across this simple yet fairly thorough article on dealing with a malware exploit / cyber-attack at your business.  Hopefully we are all doing everything we can to prevent such issues, but this is good info to be exposed to…just in case…

What to do to recover from a cyberattack

First lightning damage of 2017… Not something we celebrate…

We are rapidly approaching that time of year.  Unfortunately we already have a taste of the damage spring storms can cause.  The antenna on the top of this tower took voltage and cooked all of the radios on it.  The cap of the top antenna was about 45′ away from the tower.  It had a hole in it that looked like a torched bite mark.  Due to the prevailing winds for the following 2 days, we were not able to get these folks back online til the third day following the storm.  This is not normal for us (Thankfully!!), and hopefully will not be repeated anytime soon!

Just a reminder, for timely updates of outages that may impact you, please sign up for our text alerts HERE.  We will do our best to keep you informed!

Thanks for your patience!  Thanks also for the opportunity to serve you!